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Are you ready for hunting season?

The Nordic hunting season is just around the corner and at Roselli you'll find the proper gear for the many outdoor tasks that may come your way. But what do you need when heading out into the wild? We believe it’s a hunting knife that you can trust in all weathers and that doesn't loose its sharpness.


Roselli's Hunting Knives

OurUltra High Carbon steel (UHC) knives andCarbon steel knives gained their popularity as hunting knives because they can deal with all kinds of necessary tasks that you’ll run into during hunting season. A high quality hunting knife doesn’t only know how to handle game but can also cut wood, make kindling for the fire, cut rope and deal with other work that may come your way.You’ll find all these characteristics in our Roselli knives.



UHC Steel Knives

Our premium UHC steel is made for optimal long lasting sharpness and the edge retention has been proved by hunters to have outstanding performance compared to their other knives. A RoselliUHC steel knife is made of a very hard steel (around 62-63 HRC) which gives the knife the advantage of a far longer edge retention and a much sharper edge than an average softer steel blade.


A UHC steel blade cuts easily, giving you more control and less slippage when you use it, leading to safer work. That makes it optimal for skinning and field dressing.And yourUHC steel knife will not need to be sharpened as oftenas a knife with a softer steel blade. If you know that you’ll be using your knife on hard materials it may be better for you to choose ourCarbon steel selection instead which has a somewhat softer and more flexible blade.


Carbon Steel Knives

Our standardCarbon steel is anything but standard, and has been validated by hunters over several decades. Hard, durable and reliable - it is made to get the work done.Due to its softer steel, compared to our UHC steel, this edge is more forgiving towards brutal use like cutting through bones etc. It is also easier for a novice user to get the knife back to full sharpness.


There are pros and cons to both hard and soft steel, so remember that you will have to compromise between the different characteristics depending on what you will use your knife for. If you want to dive deep into soft vs hard steel, you can read our other blogpost here where we explain it further.



Carbon steel vs Stainless steel

Why should I choose Carbon steel?When choosing a Carbon steel knife for outdoor use you have a knife that is sharper and remains sharper than a stainless steel. A disadvantage, compared to stainless steel, is that your knife might be prone to rust. That’s why it’s important to care for your Roselli when out in the field to prevent it from rusting. If you want to know how to keep your Roselli in optimum condition, seeour care guide here.

Which hunting knife should I choose?

Both ourUHC steel knives andCarbon steel knives were made to be used by hunters so you can be sure to trust it through thick and thin. Our most popular models when it comes to hunting chores, and the models that hunters have recommended others to use are:

Roselli 'Hunting Knife' that comes in both UHC steel and Carbon steel
Heimo 4" knife in UHC and full tang
Roselli 'Carpenter Knife' that comes in both UHC steel and Carbon steel

Remember, safety first and enjoy the nature!If you need further help or guidance,check out our care guideor contact us directly atinfo@roselli.fi. We speak English, Finnish, Swedish and Italian.


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