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Signs of Summer — Gear up!

Summertime opens up the opportunity for spending even more time outdoors. To make the most of these days, see to it that you’re fully prepared for all kinds of outdoor activities this summer. Here’s some tips and advice from us on how we’d like to spend our summer this year.

Go camping

Thinking about camping under the stars? Whether you’re an experienced bushcrafter or a beginner at camping there are a few things to think about.

Bushcraft level -A good rule to remember to take with you is the five C’s of survivability, that survival expert Dave Canterbury invented. The five C’s is cutting tools, cover, combustion, container and cordages. Everyone that tries to bushcraft should have knowledge on how to acquire fire, water, shelter and food. This goes for regular camping as well.

Beginners level -Getting away from the big city and instead getting out into nature is really refreshing, for both mind, body and soul. However, you are actually out in the wilderness, so that means there is a slight risk that something could happen, at least if you are not prepared or if you have not camped before. It is therefore important that you pack the right things. Below you will find a list of what we recommend you to bring when you go camping:

Clothes for all types of weather (rain, sun, wind, cold)
Knife, pocket knifeand / or scissors (small axe if you can carry)
Sleeping bag and sleeping pad
Storm kitchen, matches, cutlery
Water, food, snacks (nuts, dried fruit etc)
Flashlight, batteries, power bank
First aid kit

Host a BBQ

What is summer without an outdoor barbeque with friends or family? Preparing a meal and cooking together is the heart of the Finnish summer. With our kitchen knives of both carbon steel and UHC (Ultra High Carbon) steel you’ll be prepared to serve a meal your guests won’t forget. Both steel qualities are perfect for cutting, slicing, mincing and chopping - making them and lend themselves well to the work of any kitchen professional or beginner.

What should you serve at an outdoor barbeque? We suggest you prepare a meal of your own harvesting. Go berry picking, and serve fresh blueberries to the dessert. Or fish for your own fish in your local lake, that you later grill over the open fire. You and your guests will appreciate the meal in a completely different way when you know where the food is coming from.

The saying goes that we Finns love our potatoes, so don’t be surprised when we also suggest you serve a big bowl of boiled potatoes with some fresh dill and butter. There is nothing like it.

1. Scrubb the peels of the potatoes under running water.
2. Prepare and boil up a large saucepan with water, salt and fresh dill.
3. Add the potatoes, cover the pan and lower the heat so they can simmer for 15-20 min.
4. When ready, serve the potatoes with butter, salt and garnish with fresh dill. It’s as easy as that!

But if you’d like to eat something less Finnish, you can always serve a classic cheeseburger. On our Youtube-channel the chef Christer Karlsson, who owns a barbecue restaurant, will show you how to make the perfect burger.

Explore hiking trails

Make the most out of summer discovering different trails and nature where you live.Nothing clears the mind more than walking for pleasure, taking in the spectacular scenery and discovering historic settings. Simply put on some sturdy walking shoes, prepare your backpack and get out there!

Usually we pack non-essential items, and though it’s good to be fully prepared for different situations, you might be able to scale down the kit in your backpack. A smart trick is to test your kit on a short trail before heading out for several days. That way you’ll notice what gear or items you used and truly need in the long run.

The best thing about hiking is that there are day-long routes or several day long trails to choose between, making hiking a great summer activity for both beginners and experienced people. So there’s no reason to not try hiking at least once this summer.

Early morning fishing

There’s nothing like an early summer morning by the lake. When the only thing you hear are chirping birds, the summer breeze going through the trees and the waves washing up against the shore.

Even though fishing is a fun activity to do all year round, through all different seasons, you should still consider the weather before heading out on the water. The hottest summer days are usually not the best for fishing, but if you do, make sure to head out on early mornings or late evenings. That’s the time of the day when it’s easiest to catch fish during the summer months.

When you’ve caught a fish there are a few things you need to think about, make sure to keep and store your catch in a chilled place until you’re ready to prepare it. The first thing you’ll need to do is filleting the fish, which is to get the meat of the fish without the bones. When doing so, use our small or big fish knife. They’re aimed at handling and filleting fish - but works great with other kitchen tasks as well. It’s also effective to use a tweezer for the smallest and most delicate bones.Psst! Serve your freshly caught fish with finnish dill potatoes!

What are your plans for the summer? If you're out and about with your Roselli, don't forget to #useyourroselli and show us your summer adventures. If you want learn more about the outdoors, don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Gear up for the summer